Winstrol or stanzolol as they are known are an oral steroid buy can sometimes be found in injectable form. It is a favourite of bodybulders and atheletes alike as it has no androgenic side effects.Also buy winstrol it does not aromatise, and because of that it also doesn't convert into estrogen, even better it also doesn't cause any water retention. there are so many benefits for pre-contest with winstrol why it is favoured so highly.

Winstrol has so many hidden exciting properties to help the athelete gain a competetive edge and you can buy winstrol uk in injectable and oral form it is a very sought after steroid.

Winstrol is a C17-alpha alkylated compound which means it is quite toxic on the liver The property alkylation helps protect the drug from being destroyed by the liver when taken orally but it is highly recommended to use liver protection like milk thistle with it.

The most commonly used form when people buy winstrol tablets is the oral form and a normal dose is up to 50mg per day. There is an injectable for also and you could use 1ml every few days. You can also use them through a insulin syringe if you find the micronised version. Injections are better as they are water based and wont harm the liver like the oral version.

If you decided to go for a winstrol buy uk then wisely you should stick to the average recommended dosage which is 50mg which is the same for both orals and injectables. In reality any more than this could lead to side effects and overdose.Maximum cycle time for winstrol should be around 6-8weeks also.

In the case of women the prefered steroid should be Anavar as this is the mildest form and there are also virilising side effects due to the take this product at all due to the androgenic properties in Winstrol. So before you buy winstrol uk visit for more information.